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Boston's best closets are made in Somerville

Real Wood Closet - Maple interior with Walnut Doors
Real wood closet - Arlington, MA
Wood closets and cabinets by Closet Solutions

'Closet companies are not all the same, some stink.'

Do you like the smell of freshly sprayed lacquer? To some it's heavenly, to others it's no fun. In any case everybody loves a real wood closet.

Real wood closets are made of maple, or cherry most of the time. And folks, it's usually plywood, not SOLID WOOD.

Forget about using solid wood for large pieces. It's too costly, and not as good as plywood in some ways. Solid wood can warp with weather changes.

I prefer a real wood veneer on Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF for short. This product lies very flat - better than plywood.

Nevertheless plywood is fine for closet shelving and cabinets.

The drawers shown above have solid wood frames encasing a MDF wood veneered panel. Very stable, high quality.

Closet Solutions uses real solid wood and wood veneers in high end closets.


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