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Boston's best closets are made in Somerville

Wood closet / cabinets with glass doors. Georgetown, MA

Over the top closet with glass doors

'Over the top'- what that means when it comes to closets.

'Closet options that go way beyond the bare necessities - deep into the niceties.'

Everybody knows it's nice to get organized, and to do that you need boundaries. Simple cardboard compartments of various sizes will help organize your wardrobe - but skillfully make those same compartments from  luxury materials and suddenly the over-the-top closet begins to materialize.

Add cabinet doors where they're not needed. Include crown molding in the closet, buy counter tops that add beauty you expect to see in luxury kitchens.

English dovetailed drawers and self-closing concealed drawer slides will put designer touches into a clothes closet.

Even a simple flat drawer front will look great if properly dressed up with decorative hardware from Richelieu or another cabinet hardware supplier.

Designing an over the top closet - it's a cherished opportunity here at Closet Solutions.

Over the top - Closet Solutions


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